Ruby installation (?) problem

Hi all

I’m trying to install the Radiant CMS system for Ruby. However, it seems
there is something not quite right with the Ruby installation. I’m
running Debian/sarge so I need some backports Ruby version, and possibly
there might be some glitches in the setup due to this.

I’m running the following from the Radiant installation:
% rake production db:bootstrap

And get this error:
rake aborted!
undefined method `namespace’ for main:Object

Now, this line says:
require ‘tasks/rails’

Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated,

On 5/22/07, Johan Rönnblom [email protected] wrote:


Now, this line says:
require ‘tasks/rails’

Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated,

Not a direct answer to your question, but I’d recommend that anyone
doing ruby in earnest on a debian system install ruby from source
rather than (or in addition to) the debian packages.

The debian ruby package maintainers partition ruby in their own way,
AND since they see some kind of conflict between the way they want to
do package management, and the way rubygems does it, they don’t
support gems well if at all.

What I’ve done on my ubuntu system is to install ruby from source in
/usr/local and leave the debian packages installed for other packages
which depend on them. I just use svn/make and gem to keep things up
to date.

Rick DeNatale

My blog on Ruby

Johan Rönnblom wrote:

Rake 0.7 added the concept of namespaces, so you probably don’t have the
latest version of rake.

$ rake --version

I have 0.7.3 on my box and it runs fine. You might try upgrading if you
have something less than 0.7.

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