Ruby/Informix 0.6.0

Ruby/Informix is a Ruby extension for connecting to IBM Informix
Dynamic Server, written in ESQL/C. It runs on Solaris, Linux, Windows
XP and HP-UX. It has been tested with Informix 7, 9, 10 and 11. Read
the release notes for details.

Home page:

What’s new in this release:

0.6.0 08/28/2007

New features:
* Test suite
* Error, Warning, and AssertionFailure classes replace RuntimeError
raising exceptions.

  Error class methods:
    - message
    - sql_code
    - add_info
    - []
    - each
    - to_s
    - size, length

  message and sql_code reference the first error message. Following
  errors can be accessed through Error#[] as ExcInfo objects.

  ExcInfo is a Struct with the following members:
    - sql_code
    - sql_state
    - class_origin_val
    - subclass_origin_val
    - message
    - server_name
    - connection_name

  See test/testcase.rb for a simple example of exception handling.

* Informix.version returns the version of this extension
* Database#do aliased as Database#execute
* More documentation

* Database#do is deprecated and will be removed in next versions.
Database#execute or Database#immediate instead.

* In case of Informix errors, RuntimeError objects are no longer 

Error, Warning and AssertionFailure objects are raised instead.

I want to thank Edwin F.
who contributed all the functionality of this release.

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