Ruby/Informix 0.5.0 released


Ruby/Informix is a Ruby extension for connecting to IBM Informix
Dynamic Server, written in ESQL/C.

It is being developed and heavily tested on Solaris/SPARC. It has been
reported to work on Linux Fedora, SuSE Linux, Windows XP and HP-UX.

0.5.0 12/27/2006

New features:
* Easier to install
* BigDecimal accepted for input parameters
* BigDecimal used for instantiating DECIMAL and MONEY values
* Cursor, Statement, Slob and Database accept an optional block
automatically frees resources after execution.
Based on ideas and pseudo-code by
Edwin F. and
* Database#slob shortcut for creating Slob objects.
* Slob::Stat class implemented. Returned by Slob#stat,
represents the
SLOB status. Methods: atime, ctime, mtime, refcnt and size.
* Slob new methods: <<, rewind, stat, pos, pos=, lock, unlock,
estbytes, extsz, flags, maxbytes, sbspace,
extsz=, flags=,
atime, ctime, mtime, refcnt and size
* Thread safe

* DECIMAL and MONEY columns are no longer returned as Float.
is used instead.

Bugs fixed:
* If there was an error reading (ifx_lo_read) an SLOB, memory
allocated for the read buffer was not freed. Noticed by
Edwin F.
* maxbytes option was ignored when creating an Slob object
* Documentation for Slob mentioned an RDRW constant, but it
is RDWR.

Special thanks to Guy Bowerman, Jonathan Leffler and Logan C. for
feedback and help.

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