Ruby in Steel won't work, am I just screwed?

Okay, I’ve posted this before but I finally got around to trying it
again and it still won’t work. I’ve installed the
(more than once, unfortunately) and I’ve uninstalled Steel after
uninstalling it and it still doesn’t work.
I’m using VS 2005 and I’ve read the installation instructions and
claim that it should just work. Should I give up and use something else
is there something more I can do?
Thank you…

If you contact us direct we can walk you through your installation to
if there are any obvious problems. We’ve had a few thousand downloads to
date and we only know of two problems so far - one is the requirement of
projectaggregator which many people forget to install (this will be done
automatically in the next release); the other is related to installation
into non-English versions of Windows. Can you send us exact details of
problems - when does the install fail? What are the symptoms? Do you get
error messages?

Send to support (at) sapphiresteel (dot) com.

Incidentally, there will be a new version of Ruby In Steel (0.75) online
this week.

best wishes
Huw C.
Ruby P.ming In Visual Studio 2005

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