Ruby In Steel Personal Edition v 1.0

SapphireSteel Software today released version 1.0 of Ruby In Steel PE
‘Personal Edition’ - a Ruby editing and debugging environment for
Visual Studio 2005.

Ruby In Steel PE provides support for both Ruby and Ruby On Rails
developers. It includes code coloring and folding, Ruby On Rails project
management and an integrated visual debugger. The software is completely
free and has no restrictions on use.

Ruby In Steel PE is SapphireSteel Software’s entry-level Ruby product
Visual Studio users. In January, the company launched its commercial
IDE, Ruby In Steel Developer at an introductory price of $199. Ruby In
Developer, the only professional Ruby IDE for Visual Studio, features
unparalleled Ruby IntelliSense and the ultra-fast ‘Cylon’ debugger for
and Rails (these feature are not provided in the Personal Edition).

Requirements: Visual Studio 2005 Standard edition or above.

Download from:

best wishes
Huw C.
Ruby P.ming In Visual Studio 2005