Ruby In Steel 0.7 available - Now On Rails

We’ve just put online the latest beta of the Steel IDE for programmming
in Visual Studio 2005.
The principal new features are:

Rails New Project Wizard
Automated database setup
Rails Solution Explorer
Synchronize Solution Explorer
Open Command Prompt in selected directory
Import/upgrade Rails and Ruby projects
Build to check syntax errors
Rails Toolbar and Menu
Start Server Dialog
Generate Controller/Model/Scaffold/Other
Run Gems dialog
Integrated SQL Server development
Configure Ruby and database path options
Extra Ruby and Rails colour coding options
File properties / flags
Project properties (select from Project/Properties menu)
Pre-Build and Post-Build Events

These features are in addition to the editing (syntax colouring, code
collapsing etc.) and Ruby debugging (breakpoints, watches, locals,
call stack, step into/step over) which we released in earlier versions.

Steel can be downloaded from the Sapphire In Steel site:

I hope you enjoy it!

best wishes
Huw C.

Huw C. wrote:

Build to check syntax errors

best wishes
Huw C.

Impressive. Visual Studio is a nice IDE. Too bad I sold my copy of VS
just a few weeks ago. Ah, but only use Linux now anyway.

Just the same, nice work.