Ruby IDE/Debugger for Ubuntu

Hi everyone,

What is the best IDE/debugger for Ruby that will work on ubuntu linux?
I’ve given up on trying to get eclipse RDT working.

Is KDevelop good?

I’d like something with a lot of features (autocomplete) rather than
something light and emacsy.



I’ m using FreeRIDE.
It offers the features I need and is written in Ruby. I think you’ d be
able to install that on Ubuntu.


Paul wrote:



I can’t use anything but Quanta.

for rhtml syntax highlighthing there is a syntax file , look for it in

I hope it will have some better support for autocompletion of ruby/rails
code in the future.


I also think freeride is neat, however, if you want a full ide, and are
willing to drop a little coin, Ativestates Komodo is supposed to be
pretty good, and there is another ide called arachnoruby which is also
supposed to be pretty good. I pretty much use vim for all of my ruby
editing, so unfortunately I can’t give you any details on how good
either of these products are. I know they both feature debugging
capabilities which would be the biggest selling point for me personally.
Freeride also has debuggin support.

Hope this helps
Gary W.

Well, I work for ActiveState, and designed and developed most of the
Ruby support in Komodo, so I’m biased. But I think it’s what you’re
looking for.

Out of the box, you get:

  • autocomplete on non-binary modules (binary modules will happen…)
  • Ruby-aware auto-indent, including automatic insertion of "end"s
  • full-featured debugger
  • class browser
  • highlighting of syntax errors
  • configurable syntax-based colorizing
  • powerful macro language

Please excuse the blatant commercial message.

I use kate (kde advanced text editor). It’s not got completion, but
it’s got syntax highlighting, and is really lightweight. You can even
open a shell prompt and run irb within the editor.

Eric P. wrote:

  • configurable syntax-based colorizing
  • powerful macro language

Please excuse the blatant commercial message.

Eric, I bought a copy of Komodo Personal that works great on Windows. I
tried to install it on Breezy using the install script and got an error
(I think it was the library incompatibility mentioned in the install
docs). Have you been able to install it on Breezy, or do you have a
Debian package for Komodo?

Jamey C.

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