Ruby holiday in the UK?

Hola France,

Hope you guys are doing well.

The UK contract Rails market has got awesome over the last couple of
weeks. I’ve got like 6 friggin’ contracts available at the moment in
London and around the UK working on a variety of projects from
well-funded green field start-ups to established major rails teams to
new government initiatives. Typically 3 months in length, so if anyone
fancies a holiday to the UK for the summer feel free to send me a
message. I’ve also got good contacts I can hook you up with for getting
cheap places to rent short term at short notice. I’ve also got a
plethora of awesome perm roles (this one client 100% believe they will
be the next twitter and have £14 million in funding + members of the
first twitter marketing department on-board). I’ve got quite a few
clients who are open to semi-remote on both the contract and perm side
too if that fits in with peoples life-styles.

Anyways, feel free to get in contact if any of that sounds interesting
to you for now or for the future and sincere apologies if this email is
out of place on this board as I know it’s not strictly France related.

Louis Goff-Beardsley

Add me on Skype right now: LouisGB1
Email/Skype/Gtalk/Jabba: [email protected]
Mobile: +44 7449 324 851 ¦ @LouisRoR
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