Ruby history

I am writing a report on the language Ruby, and I was wondering if
anyone can give me some help. I have been researching the language and
I can’t seem to find a good evolution of the language. I know it was
formed with the programmer in mind, I know some of the history, I know
when it was made public. But I can’t find a chronological history of
the language, the advancements and evolutions through each version
released,the compiler, the runtime environment. Any information or
links someone could send me on these topics or any other interesting
facts about the language would be greatly appreciated. I have never
used the language and would like to learn as much as possible, not only
for this report, but also to learn, understand, and advance my knowledge
of computing in general. Any new languages I learn helps me become a
better programmer. Please e-mail me at [email protected]

Thanks in advance for any helpful and/or useful information,
Craig Robert Schweitzer
University of Central Florida

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