Ruby header for tioga (missing)

Hello everybody, I am trying to compile the tioga application for ruby,
but get the following message

checking for zlib.h… yes
checking for compress() in -lz… yes
checking for ieee754.h… no
You lack the ieee754.h header file, which might mean lower reliability
when Marshalling Dvectors and Dtables
checking for isnan() … no
MacOS specific installation
Writing Makefile

So I apprently miss the ieee754.h header.
I have looked for the file and copied it from somewhere on the net
inside a coupl of folders where other header files seem to be in the
tioga distribution but not in the ruby lib
cause I cannot find other headers over there.
And I still get the same error.
Anybody familiar with this problem and can tell me where to place the
header/how to recompile/whatever?
Thank you very much!