Ruby hard-codes load-path into dll/dylib?

I am still working on creating a system for deploying a standalone Ruby
app on the Mac, i.e. self-contained with all libraries and code in the
application package, so that users do not have to install anything

The Mac provides good tools for this, including a command-line program
called install_name_tool that allows you to re-link executables to other
libraries. It appears, though, that this tool has no effect on the Ruby
dylib I am including in my application; the load path is hard-coded into
the library based on the original compilation, and Ruby searches there
rather than within the Ruby installation in my application bundle.

Is there any way to override this? I’m doing so from C with an emedded



Sounds like a job for Docker

Have a look at Tokaido - its purpose is very similar to what you seem to

and link: