Ruby gstreamer0.10 in Google Summer of Code


I’ve just added the ruby gstreamer bindings as one of the ideas for
summer of code[0] under the umbrella of the gstreamer mentoring
organisation[1]. So if you are a student and would like to spent your
making the ruby gstreamer bindings really rock, please send in a
proposal :slight_smile:

Related to this. It might be a good idea to add some ideas for
under the umbrella of the GNOME mentoring organisations. Binding GIO
and/or making the bindings more automated (by having parts of it
come to mind as an obvious big task here. What do people think about
that ?
I’m happy to make an entry on GNOME’s list of ideas and potentially do
mentoring for it.



The absurd is the essential concept and the first truth.
– A. Camus

Can’t be of any help with the C-coding, but I could lend a hand with
testing, documenting the ruby side of it all.

For RG2, just throwing an idea:

  • a test suite for the binding itself and a testing framework to help
    application developers write tests

I’m not sure how difficult or easy it is, knowing that it’s not really
straightforward to write tests for UI stuff.


2008/3/19, Leon B. [email protected]:

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