Ruby-growl 2.0 Released

ruby-growl version 2.0 has been released!

A pure-ruby growl notifier. ruby-growl allows you to perform Growl
notification via UDP from machines without growl installed (for example,
non-OSX machines).

What’s Growl? Growl is a really cool “global notification system for
Mac OS
X”. See

See also the Ruby Growl bindings in Growl’s subversion repository:

ruby-growl also contains a command-line notification tool named ‘growl’.
possible, it isoption-compatible with growlnotify. (Use --priority
instead of


2.0 / 2010-06-11

  • Major Enhancements

    • 1.9-ready
    • Notification levels now work on x86
    • Notification levels no longer work on PPC
  • Minor Enhancements

    • Added Growl.list which finds local hosts running growl using dnssd.