Ruby-GNOME2 Win32 GUI Installer


I released the new Ruby-GNOME2 Win32 GUI Installer for

What’s this?

This is the GUI installer of GTK2, Ruby/GTK2 and
some other libraries which Ruby-GNOME2 project supports.
This includes all files which you need to run Ruby/GTK2
applications on MS Windows.


(Ruby-GNOME 2 - Browse Files at

  • Execute this file after installing One Click Ruby Installer.


  • Includes GTK2(gladewin32) and some other libraries.
    You don’t need to install gladewin32 by yourself.
    This must reduce almost of all installation problems
    and provide a easy/simple installation process.

  • Avoid DLL conflict
    This installer doesn’t set PATH environment forcely(but as a
    And each Ruby-GNOME2 libraries find GTK2 libraries which
    this installer has. So this doesn’t effect other GTK2 based
    applications which include GTK2 itself and other GTK2 libararies
    doesn’t effect Ruby-GNOME2.

  • Included Ruby-GNOME2 libraries
    (Same as

    • Ruby/GLib2
    • Ruby/ATK
    • Ruby/Pango
    • Ruby/GdkPixbuf2
    • Ruby/GTK2
    • Ruby/Libglade2
    • Ruby/GtkGLExt
    • Ruby/Libart2
    • Ruby/GnomeCanvas2
    • Ruby/GnomePrint2
    • Ruby/GnomePrintUI2
    • Ruby/GtkSourceView
    • Ruby/RSVG2


    • rcairo-1.2.6
    • Glade2, GtkThemeSelector and other development tools
      included gladewin32.