Ruby-gnome2 and simple games


as I am currently doing some small games (ruby-gnome2
seems to allow a lot of needed things for small GUI
games), I have two questions:

a) In a Gtk::Canvas, is there a way to retrieve the current
position of its elements and groups (for example,
a Gtk::CanvasRect that was moved)?

I am asking because you can move such an element with the
cursor keys using events and .move().
But I have found no easy way to find out the positional
information of this CanvasRect after you move() it around
a bit.

I could work around this by using positional variables,
which get changed whenever .move() is invoked, but i
was hoping this would already be supplied somewhere from
Gtk::Canvas or CanvasRect to answer a question such as
“Where is my box?”.
(Docu of CanvasRect and most other Canvas* is missing by
the way)

b) This also leads me to the next question:

How would i find out of a CanvasRect “touches” the border
of a Canvas? Right now my moving box can scroll out of
the canvas, and I want to disallow this. I want to
create an example Snake/Worms game, where the worm gets
larger when he eats something, and dies when he touches
the border.

Thanks for all the help so far by the way!

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