Ruby gnome 2 and signal_connect method


I am writting a little script for displaying a list of icons and when i
clic on one of the icon it should return the absolute path of the icon.

So i create a windows widget which contain a table widget. In each cell
of the table I put an icon and create an event with this code:

#for a in 0…( @my_icons_files_array.length - 1)


event_box[a] =

event_box[a].signal_connect(“button_press_event”) do


table.attach(event_box[a],col_begin,( col_begin + 1 ), row_begin,

(row_begin + 1 ))

Is there a way to get a reference of the objet I have cliqued on in
order to link this reference with the path used in


Hi jake,

Yes i found the Gnome 2 section but only after i have posted -_-’.

Thanks a lot for your answers because it helps me a lot on a basic
problem it seems.

This forum is very helpfull .


hi Silkmoth -

i answered you in the main ruby post, and suggested that you post here

  • though i see you already found it! sorry :wink:

    once again, here’s what i came up with:

require ‘gtk2’

win =

@table =, 0, false)
@left = -1
@top = 0

img0 =“konichiwa.jpeg”) #change these, obviously
img1 =“ride.png”)
img2 =“TradyBlix.png”)
img3 =“arm.png”)

my_imgs = [img0, img1, img2, img3]

ebox =
ebox.signal_connect(“button_press_event”){p img.file} #or something
more interesting
@left = @left + 1
@top = @top + 1 if @left == 2 #change this,
@left = 0 if @left == 2 #and this, to define the number of columns in
your table
@right = @left + 1
@bottom = @top + 1
@table.resize(@right, @bottom)
@table.attach_defaults(ebox, @left, @right, @top, @bottom)

win.add @table


hope that helps…

  • j

Silkmoth S. wrote in post #997243:

Thanks a lot for your answers because it helps me a lot on a basic
problem it seems.

no problem, glad to help

This forum is very helpfull .

it sure is!

  • j

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