Ruby-GetText-Package-2.0.0 is now available.

Ruby-GetText-Package now separate 2 base libraries
and 3 libraries which support Ruby on Rails 2.3.2.

For all libraries/applications:

  • locale - Management Locale IDs
  • gettext - Message localizations

For Ruby on Rails:

  • locale_rails - Rails support with locale
  • gettext_activerecord - ActiveRecord Localization
  • gettext_rails - Support other localization same with gettext-1.93.0.


  • locale-2.0.0
    • Support Rack.
  • locale_rails-2.0.0
    • I18n.translate fallbacks to the localized message in the locale
    • Support localized view both of gettext-1.93.0 style and
      rails-2.3.x style.
    • Support Rails-2.3.2.
  • gettext-2.0.0
    • Separate this library to locale, locale_rails,
    • A lot of referctoring, improvements.
    • Thread safe.
    • New APIs for gettext/tools instead of gettext/utils.
  • gettext_activerecord-2.0.0
    • Support activerecord-2.3.2.
  • gettext_rails-2.0.0
    • Support Rails-2.3.2.
    • Work with other I18n backends.


  • Rails-2.3.1 and earlier aren’t supported.

Thanks to

Special Thanks to:
Michael Grosser: A lot of improvement.

Thanks to:
Tietew, Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA, Fabio M.A.
Tuptus, Morus W., Vladimir Dobriakov, Ramsey.


What’s this?

Ruby-GetText-Package is a Localization(L10n) library and tool
which is modeled after the GNU gettext package.

This library translates original messages to localized
messages using client-side locale information(environment
variable, using system locale API or CGI variable).

The tools for developers support creating, useing, and modifying
localized message files(message catalogs).