Ruby gem WOWR and Ruby on Rails


I want to make great WoW guild’s website. Long ago I’ve
found great gem - wowr. This gem makes guild roster’s list and … I
want it on this website.

I’m not a programmer, I’m hobbist. So I thought it will be easier to
make website on existing script. There are three options: RubyCMS (I
shouldn’t have a problem with it) and RubyOnRails (I bet much more
complicated). Last one is basing it on simple - just Ruby. Last option
is not really an option, cause I’m not programmist. Second is very hard
(I’ve some experience with PHP/MySQL/C++ so it’s not unpossible).

The problem is which one will be easiest to me to develop this site with
wowr gem. I’m rookie here, please recommend me what will be the easiest
way to develop site that would use Wowr gem.