Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has ever done anything with ruby bindings for
GDL. I need a dockable window, and I’ve found several references to
this functionality as part of GDL.

I was also interested to know if anyone had done anything with gtkspell,
as that is also going to be required down the line (with potentially
some of the functionality for spell checking in a textfield, e.g. from

If the answer to both of these is no, is anyone else looking/interested
in these? I didn’t see either of them listed on the status page.

I seem to be at an unfortunate crossroads here: rewrite the core of my
application in python (or something else) vs. wrap a bunch of missing
dependencies (which I’ve never done).

Before I make the decision, is there some documentation/tutorial on what
you have to do to generate a new set of bindings? Is there a tool to
automatically scan the headers to do some code generation, or do you
need to do it all manually?

Something like gtkspell is likely to be fairly trivial, but if it turns
out that there’s several other ones to wrap, this could take quite a bit
of time.

Any info would be most appreciated.



Andrew S. Townley [email protected]