[email protected] is dead

ah, and i also wanted to talk about [email protected], a
about Ruby in French, which I’ve also started in 2001.

It’s been nuked in the transition to the new website several months ago.
The archives don’t seem to be accessible and it’s apparently impossible
subscribe, and sending mails to [email protected] has no effect and
don’t even bounce back.

I haven’t heard anything from anyone who noticed that, so, no-one seems
care, but I don’t know, I’ve been quite disconnected from the Ruby world

So, let’s say it, R.I.P. [email protected].

(and this has nothing to do with Ruby France, which is an organisation
specific to a country that I’ve never been to)

(and please only write to my artengine.ca address, I haven’t used my
address for a year or so)

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It’s maybe because a french newsgroup on ruby has been created since, in
the beginning of september on fr.comp.lang.ruby ?

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