Ruby for beginners

Hi everyone.

I am a newbie here. I want to learn Ruby Language because I want to make
a Point of Sales software for my store. So that, I need a basic
knowledge of using ruby lang.
Some questions that I need to be explained are like :
-How to run ruby?
-How to compile ruby?
-What kinds of things/tools do I need though?

Or could be anythings … I need some kind of references to reach my

Many thanks…

If you buy a beginning ruby book, most books will guide you through the
setup. Or, you can go to the ruby website, and read about how to setup

  1. In a terminal window, type:

    $ ruby your_program_name.rb

  2. You don’t.

  3. A basic programming text editor. Vim comes standard on many
    systems. Then there are lots of free to try programming text editors,

In the future, post your OS for questions like this.

I found it a bit difficult to take the post seriously, but maybe I was

Richie Richie,

I want to learn Ruby Language because I want to make
a Point of Sales software for my store.

Why do you need Ruby to do that?

-How to run ruby?

First you have to install a Ruby interpreter.

Which OS are you using to run your POS software?

I found it a bit difficult to take the post seriously…

No one cares what you found or didn’t find.

Hi Scott S.
well I am using Linux (Zorin 6 64 bit)
Sorry I have bad english.

I want to be a computer programmer, I like to use an open source
computer language programming. I don’t know anything about programming ,
but I want to start from Ruby. My intention is to make a point of sales
software or POS, that is because I have a store that doesn’t yet use
POS. But if that is too much for a beginner like me, then what should I
do to make my first project…


I am new to ruby about 6 months now. I have created a game recently and
have figured out a way to break the script into various single classes.I
have even managed to get other system apps to respond within the game.
My question is as such I have a script called armor in the main folder,
part of that scripts job is to call Eye of gnome using timeout gem to
display a jpeg
for about 5 seconds then move on. The jpeg is located in a pics folder.
How may I access this jpeg without using absolute path. In other words
the jpeg needs to be available no matter where the main folder is
located. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I apologize in
advance for my lack of knowledge. I have tried very hard to resolve this

what is the best combination of tools/plugins/wxtensions with ruby as a
Point Of Sales Software?

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