Ruby-FLTK 0.9.3

Ruby-FLTK 0.9.3 , 2003-03-23

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What is this?:

Ruby-FLTK is a Ruby binding for the FLTK (Fast, Light Toolkit) GUI

Release notes:


  • Methods FLTK.dir_chooser, FLTK.event*, FLTK.rgb_color .
  • New test scripts.
  • More fixes, cleanups, typos.

Yes, it’s been a while! Credit to Kerepesi Norber who jolted me out
of my slumber by submitting code for much of the new methods and bug
fixes in this release.


  • Added the method FLTK.dir_chooser .
  • Added the file “test/dir_chooser.rb”.
  • Moved the FLTK::MENU constants to FLTK::Const .
  • Added the method FLTK.event_text .
  • Added the method FLTK.event .
  • Fixed typo in FN_GET_INT_SET_INT4 (credit: Kerepesi Norber).
  • Fixed a gumby in rb_fltk_beep (credit: Kerepesi Norber).
  • Added the method FLTK.rgb_color (credit: Kerepesi Norber).
  • Added the methods FLTK.event_{clicks,inside,is_click,state}
    (credit: Kerepesi Norber).
  • test/samples tidy-up
  • Added the file “test/rgb.rb”.
  • Added the file “test/events.rb” (credit: Kerepesi Norber).
  • Split the file “test/destroy.rb” into “test/destroy.rb” and a new
    file “test/destroy_handle.rb”


Jeremy H.
[email protected]

Ruby-FLTK 0.9.3 , 2003-03-23

Nice to hear, that Ruby-FLTK is alive!
Thank you!


On 2006-03-25, Axel F. [email protected] wrote:

Ruby-FLTK 0.9.3 , 2003-03-23

Nice to hear, that Ruby-FLTK is alive!

Despite appearances to the contrary, it was in fact just resting.


Jeremy H.

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