Ruby, find path of a directory

Is it possible to find/get the complete path of a directory by
specifying the
directory name as which drive it is in? For example

I’ve a directory on drive as D:\abc\efg\screenshots\

I want to find the complete path of the directory screenshots, not sure
on which drive it exists, may be C: or D: or E: but the parent folder
starts with abc\efg\screenshots\

Apreciate response


On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 9:17 PM, shaik s. [email protected] wrote:

Apreciate response


assuming working directory is /tmp .

File.expand_path “whatever” # => “/tmp/whatever”
File.absolute_path “whatever” # => “/tmp/whatever”

$ ln -s /tmp/whatever /tmp/1 # make a symlink

File.expand_path “1” # => “/tmp/1”
File.absolute_path “1” # => “/tmp/1”
File.realpath “1” => “/tmp/whatever”

I didn’t try this on windows platform, If you don’t want the drive, you
could try

‘D:\hello\world’.gsub(/^\w+:\/, ‘’)

correct my if directory separator char for ruby on windows is ‘/’ .

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