Ruby.exe growing large, possible memory leak in sql server

Hey all,

I believe there is a memory leak when using Win2000 + SQL Server +
Apache2 + scgi + rails 1.1. My apps so far have been pretty ‘low
impact’ and i did not notice it before, but the memory footprint of
ruby.exe is growing larger. After 6 queries that fetch ~2,000 rows
each, ruby.exe has grown to 41 megs (originally around 20). The memory
leak is also present in webrick, and it climbs even faster.

I searched the list, the only other reference to this suggested that
connections to SQL Server were not being closed properly.

Is anyone else experiencing this sort of behavior? Is there something
I can do in my rails code to ‘detect’ this leak?



Hmm, I might have spoke too soon. Looks like it’s holding steady now
~48 megs. I will continue to monitor and let you guys know.