Ruby Enterprise Edition 1.87 Experiences?

Hi friends.

I’m running a Ubuntu 8.04 server at work that uses Ruby 1.87 as our
interpreter of choice. Our hardware isn’t exactly top notch, so Ruby
Enterprise Edition has quite the allure for us – especially with the
release of their 1.87 compatible version yesterday.

Has anyone attempted to transition to REE from a package installed copy
Ruby 1.87 yet? If so, how well did it work for you? What sort of effort
involved in getting your system back up and running? Did you have to
re-install any gems?



We moved to REE from Ruby 1.87 to help save
money on server costs.

The effort took a few hours and I did have to re-install some gems.


I’m running ree 1.8.7 via passenger + rvm
) on two servers at the moment and it seems solid for me.