Ruby Engineer(full time , remote)

Job requirements:
-familiar with Ruby,Ruby on Rails experience is preferred.
-write efficient, elegant, reusable and secure code.
-familiar with Postgresql, understanding of various data types, index construction, analysis and optimization.
-familiar with optimization methods such as batch operation, incremental operation and cache.
-familiar with Sidekiq, understand retry mechanism, idempotency concept.
-familiar with RESTful and GraphQL.
-familiar with CI/CD tools.
-familiar with Docker, Kubernates container technology.
-understand Zero downtime deploy.
Experience in research and development of digital currency exchange, wallet and payment system is preferred.
-High concurrency, experience in large-scale micro-service projects is preferred.
-experience in building optimization and evolution projects from 0 to 1 is preferred.
-experience in participating in high-quality open source projects is preferred

Hello @wilsonleung ,

I am intrested in the opportunity. Please let me know a suitable way to reach out.

Or please reach me at [email protected] or connect me over on skype for quick chat.

Henry P
Skype: live:.cid.dc5377d1a462c5b4

Hi Hery´╝î

my skype id is wilson85565995