Ruby Developer Needed

Have a project that is already in use but needs a few things finished
ongoing support. We lost our developer to another project looking for
another. Please contact me if interested.

I’ve some experience rescuing projects, perhaps I could be of help.
[email protected]

I have 3 years experience in Rails, Please Contact Me:
[email protected]

On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 9:23 AM, Chris L. [email protected]

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Hi Jon,

we are interested on your job. kindly share your details to


Hi Jon,

I have developers immediately available. Drop me email with some brief
details and we shall get back with suitable profile.

Regards - Amol
[email protected]
BoTree Consulting.
skype: guptaamol

Hi Jon,
how many man hours was your previous developer putting in?

Hey, Joe,

I read code like one reads a book… I have that eye for detail and
. I’d really like to help you out. And I would provide an excellent
effort at a minimal wage; I am a single mother with this talent in ROR.
Not looking for glory, just the privilege of helping and maybe paying my
electric or water bill. You can witness my abilities in visiting my
site, And you can view my ROR app level code at
GitHub - emcgurty/echomarket: Goodwill resource for lending, borrowing, trading and donating nonperishable/ethical items, but that code is totally
work-in-progress and not done for a professional standard, but I think
there is some real value in how I have used and understood Ruby and ROR.

Liz McGurty

Sorry, not Joe but Jon Capp…