Ruby developer in Dublin

Apologies as this is probably in the wrong place.

We are looking for a lead ruby developer who will be willing to relocate
to Dublin in Ireland. Salary is very competitive and it’s immediately
You can find more information about the company at
Please contact me by email at [email protected] and will
provide more information about the position.

You could post it on the ruby ireland mailing list:!forum/ruby_ireland

You might be able to get in touch with local developers.

On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 3:42 PM, Antonio Ruzzelli <

Hi Antonio,
I doubled checked the mailing list, as I am surprised that I missed
on this position before, and I don’t see it in the archives.

I see that you posted it to but its always best to announce
job on the mailing list also (the ruby ireland mailing list is perfectly
fine with relevant ruby jobs being posted to the mailing list).

There is a worldwide shortage of Ruby developers - Ireland is no
The problem in Ireland is that there is too little Ruby work there to
anyone who expects to derive their livelihood from programming it. So
experienced Ruby developers in Ireland relocate where the work is more
lucrative, and anyone who gets a 9-5 Ruby job tends to stay put. The
remaining Ruby developers tend to be newbies and polyglots, for whom
work tends to be either testing, deployment, builds, automation etc. as
of their usual Java/.Net/PHP work. Those developers tend not to tick the
required experience boxes on most job postings.

So your best bet is to post directly to the mailing list, and I would
recommend posting to the London Ruby U. Group mailing list. There are
probably more Irish Ruby programmers in London than there are in Dublin,
some may want to relocate back.


On Sun, Oct 16, 2011 at 12:01 PM, Antonio Ruzzelli <

Thanks Richard,
I did post it but it seems currently there is a shortage of Ruby
developers in Ireland.

We need to look for good Ruby people that are willing to relocate.
Luckily Ryanair is still providing cheap flights and Dublin is a cool
place to stay.