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[ruby-dev:28681] Block parameter and multiple values

Takaaki T. asked about the current status of new block parameter
in Ruby 2.0. He also made a summary[1] of the new specification from
Rite page
on RubyGarden[2] and Matz’ weblog[3].

[1] Takaaki's summary:;name=Ruby2.0BlockParameterAndMultipleValueAssignment
[2] Rite:
[3] Matz’ weblog:

Matz added his idea to the summary page. Some of the ideas are being
to the CVS HEAD.

[ruby-dev:28689] digest.rb

Tanaka A. posted digest.rb to make requiring Digest library simple.
We can use any digest algorithm by this script:

  module Digest
    autoload "MD5", "digest/md5"
    autoload "RMD160", "digest/rmd160"
    autoload "SHA1", "digest/sha1"
    autoload "SHA256", "digest/sha2"
    autoload "SHA384", "digest/sha2"
    autoload "SHA512", "digest/sha2"

He added that the script might be a good place to hold common Digest
such as hexdigest_file.

[ruby-dev:28708] 1.8.5 release schedule?

Matz talked about the 1.8.5 release in RubyKaigi2006(the 1st Ruby
in Japan). mput asked about the the release schedule and he replied
that the
release date will be the middle of August.

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