Ruby-dev summary 28027-28205

Here is a summary of ruby-dev mailing list.

[ruby-dev:28087] test(?-, file1, file2)

Akira T. asked what is correct behavior of test(?-, file1,
According to the online manual, this method checks whether file1 is a
hard link to file2. But in fact it returns true when file1 is a
link to file2. Nakada answered the current specification of the
should be kept since it is the same as that of “test -ef”.

[ruby-dev:28095] ruby 1.8.4 preview3
[ruby-dev:28118] ruby 1.8.4 released

Matz announsed third preview version of ruby-1.8.4 in
and then released ruby-1.8.4 a few days after.

[ruby-dev:28109] Kernel#fail

Shyouhei U. proposed that Kernel#fail should be abolished.
However, some people use it instead of raise. One of the reason
is that they want to use a method name “raise” in their library.

[ruby-dev:26743] zsuper in a method with optional arg

Hiroshi N. found that behavior of “super” in ruby-1.8 is
different from ruby-1.9 when “initialize” of a sub-class is
called without optional parameters.

class Base
  def initialize(p1, p2 = 1)
    p [p1, p2]
class Derived < Base
  def initialize(p1, p2 = 2)

The behavior of ruby-1.9 is close to that in Matz’s mind. However,
he decided to fix the behavior of ruby-1.9 from the results of a
discussion relating to [ruby-dev:23973].

[ruby-dev:28107] Process.exec

Minero A. suggested a new method “Process.exec” and posted a patch
that implements “exec”, since Process has “fork” but doesn’t have
His patch has been merged.

[ruby-dev:28127] Intel C++ Compiler and HP aC++/ANSI on IA64

Akira T. posted a patch so that we can build ruby-1.9 using Intel
Compiler with the option -O0 and can run it on IA64. He then wrote
he successfully built using HP aC++/ANSI C, but ‘make test-all’ didn’t
well. His patch was merged to ruby-1.9.

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