Ruby debug-options?



I’m trying to use the ruby debugger, as in…

ruby -r debug [debug-options] [programfile] [program-arguments]

… as described in Pick Axe.

I’m having some troubles, my script makes use of the Rails ActiveRecord
class (outside of Rails framework): and ActiveRecord apparently attempts
to clone FixNum objects when doing inserts. This causes a TypeError
exception which AR handles and goes about it’s business. Ruby debug
reports this Exception and I "c"ontinue.

However, this error is driving me nuts in that it occurs about 50 times
and I can’t find a way to suppress it.

I’d like to set some breakpoints and not worry about any Exceptions

Is this possible?

I was hoping the “[debug-options]” would offer some hope for relief,
however I can not find any documentation of them. Other than this
reference to them within the Pick Axe.