Ruby debug newbie help

Hello all,
I’m learning Ruby and I got a little problem with my first try at
I work on Windows XP SP3, with a fresh install of :

my ‘problem’ is with a long listing that appear on screen before the
debugging session. the debug seems to work normally after that (just
made a few try for now).
is it the ‘normal’ way and is there a way to desactive this listing…?

here is a screen copy of the end of the listing and a small debugging
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thanks for your help.

Sorry, I forgot… my command line was :
ruby -rdebug RSU.rb

don’t do -rdebug

require ‘ruby-debug’

have you installed ruby-debug19 gem?

no, I only tried to use the debug version included in ruby, not the
‘ruby-debug’ one…

probably some bug in the built in debug.rb file
I’d ping core about it.

Ok, thank you… I’m beginning with Ruby and can’t take much time to
understand this kind of problem.
so I looked at ruby-debug19 and installed it. it seems to work well…
I can keep learning…