Ruby DCamp Update; Beginning Ruby Focus Added

Hello, everyone. It’s less than two weeks until Ruby DCamp!

We’ve added Beginning Ruby as a suggested area of focus.

As an Open Spaces conference, the content of the conference will be
determined by you, the attendees. Although we’ve suggested “Fixing
Ruby” and “Ruby for Beginners” as starting points, it is ultimately
you, the attendees, who decide.

If you are a Ruby beginner, and would like to learn Ruby, join us and
request this in the planning session. In an Open Spaces conference,
you can suggest a topic even if you are not qualified to lead; others
can and do step in to help out.

The conference will be in the Holiday Inn at Ballston on the weekend
of October 11th and 12th. Hot breakfast and lunch will be provided,
and it looks to be a comfortable venue conducive to lots of learning
and fun – just add Rubyists and stir! :wink:

Feel free to check out our web site ( or
contact us at (info at for more information. Please
register by Monday, October 6th to avoid the $25 price increase.

We look forward to seeing you there.

  • The Ruby DCamp Team