Ruby/DBI 0.1.0: Not Dead Yet


After a long, deep slumber of more than 18 months, Ruby/DBI awakens and
lumbers forward into the countryside. Rise, Ruby/DBI, rise! Strike
terror deep in the hearts of Rubyists everywhere! Ahem.

Michael N. has handed off the reins to Daniel B., Kirk H.,
Patrick M., and myself. This first release is fairly modest, cleaning
up a few small bugs and doing lots of behind-the-scenese

Please note that 0.1.0 is only a development release, the first of
hopefully many as we move towards a bug-free production release. 0.1.0
may contain new and differently irritating bugs than the previous
release, 0.0.23.

We’ve got plenty of plans for Ruby-DBI. First and foremost in my mind
is the need for stupidly easy installation and configuration, a task
that will require extensive coordination among the scattered tribe of
Rubyists who have intrepidly written database drivers.

But first, we have to clean out all those pesky old bugs, and try not
to create new ones. So if you want to help out, you could download DBI
0.1.0 and give it a spin, and report bugs.