Ruby Culture T-shirts!

Hmmm, clearing out my drafts and found this announcement I never made,
though I know the URL got shared. Anyways, just in case you guys
missed it the first time, here are some shirts you might find

== Announcement

Ruby culture t-shirts are available for purchase right now!


Inspired by has_and_belongs_to_none, I decided to make a few shirts
that I thought would be cool to have. I based a lot of the designs on
various things I’ve heard that struck me as cool. I’m sure I’m missing
lots of great stuff, but this is what a quiet afternoon will afford

All prices are as low as possible: I do not make a profit on any of
these. If there is enough positive feedback, I’d be happy to change $1
more on each and donate that to RubyCentral (or retire early… hah).
Some shirts cost more because there is more to it: more lines of text,
more graphics, therefore making it more expensive to produce. Shirts
will cost anywhere from $12 to $22.


Here are a few notable designs:

  • I Ruby
  • A few region-based designs (“Atlanta Rubyist”, etc)
  • Quotes (from _Why The Lucky Stiff, etc)
  • A few “Pragmatic” shirts
  • Code snippets
  • Random yummyness!


The shirts look nice in the pictures. However, I suspect this
FlexPrint is that kind of stuff that cracks and falls off quite
quickly. Unless I am quite behind on printing technology all the stuff
that is pressed to fabric is bound to end up like that. True printing
requires putting colors rather than foils on the t-shirt. That limits
the kind of stuff you can do because the number of colors you can
print is usually very limited, and printing on black t-shirts might
not be possible. But if done properly it can last as long as the
fabric itself.

It looks like spreadshirts do not offer this kind of print but other
vendors might. Anyway, don’t get too bothered about my comments. I
would probably try to get my shirt printed here if I wanted one. As
expensive as it gets to print only single shirt it would still be
probably cheaper than the cost of the shirt plus shipping.