Ruby Cookbook vs Programming Ruby

Hello again,

Just wondering if anybody could help me choose between O'Reilly's 

Ruby Cookbook and The Pragmatic Programmer’s Programming Ruby (2nd
edition). I’m having a real hard time figuring which one to spend my
savings on.

João Michigan

Your not comparing apples to apples here. Both serve seperate
functions. Depends where you are at with the Ruby language.
Programming Ruby 1st Edition is online and available for reading.
Edition 2 though is a great revision with plenty of additional and new
material. Ruby Cookbook blows me away in a good way. The recipes in
there are incredible for a number of reasons. The range and number of
recipes in the Cookbook are exceptional. Personally I couldn’t choose
between either but if you want to come up to speed with Ruby then
Programming Ruby is the one too get. It’s a must have for learning
and reference. Once you’ve gained some ground defintely go for the
Cookbook as well. Put it on your wishlist or sell your grandmother.


Both are worth having, but if you can really only afford one, I
recommend going with Programming Ruby. But get both the print and the
PDF versions. I find the PDF version an essential reference while I’m

Regards, Morton