Ruby Central rejected as a Google Summer of Code organization

Hi all –

I think many of you know this already but I just wanted to confirm it.

The Google Summer of Code program has rejected Ruby Central this year as
a mentoring organization, a role we’ve played every year since 2006. No
explanation for the rejection was offered. (When I pressed for an
explanation, I got a courteous response but no substantive information
about their decision.)

I find this very disappointing, and I’m sorry to have to bring the news
to those of you who had started to give serious thought to Summer of
Code projects.


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On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 9:21 AM, David A. Black [email protected]

This is disappointing, but not a death knell for interested students
and mentors. Rails is acting as a mentoring organization and we’d be
happy to join forces to get awesome but peripherally Rails-related
projects going this summer as well.

For example, last summer’s rubyspec push was a great success.
Continuing that work for ruby 1.9 would be a boon to the whole
community. Similarly with debugging, profiling, and other tooling.

So keep your engines fired up! Dedicated mentors from years past are
particularly welcome :slight_smile:


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