Ruby capitalizing singular version of route

Hi All,

I’ve searched on this topic and can’t seem to find anyone results saying
others have had the same problem, so hope someone here can help.

if in routes, I map addresses:
map.resources :addresses

If get the following routes:

Note that the singular routes (new, edit) are capitalized.

to prove the issue, in console, I can type:

=> “Address”

and you see it doesn’t happen with a word that doesn’t require more than
stripping the ‘s’:

=> “route”

this makes it impossible to use ‘form_for @address’, etc because it
produces lowercase route call that don’t match.

Thanks for any help!


Nevermind. I found a custom inflection that had been added by some other
people on the project. Thanks!

What version of Rails/Ruby are you on?

Loading development environment (Rails 2.2.2)

=> “address”

=> “route”

It works for me