[Ruby/C++] Module building : how to find out what's failing?

Hi there !

I’ve been struggling with Ruby bindings for ages now. Everytime I make a
step forward, something else fails, or something that used to work stop

Currently, I have a Ruby script loading a C library named RApplejack.so.
It’s a C++ library actually, but Init_RApplejack is accessible as a C

The thing is : few mounths ago it used to work just swell.
But now, when I compile the library and replace the old one with the
newest one, this is what ruby tells me :

require' /home/plaristote/Dropbox/Shinygami/Exemple/entities/Player.rb:2:in<top

I knew damn well that require was failing way before I printed that
backtrace… -_-’ thanks Ruby, very helpfull !
What I want to know is WHY the new module can’t be loaded ? The code is
almost exactly the same, the Makefile is exactly the same, yet the
Init_Rapplejack function is not even called !

How may I find out what’s going on ??

Help me, this whole thing is driving me crazy like shit. Because I know
when this will be resolved (if it is one day resolved and I don’t decide
to make a C++ game engine instead of a Ruby/C++ one), I’ll still have to
face the issue of the misteriously disapearing instance (yes, I used
OBJ_TAINT, it disapears anyway).