Ruby Brigade|Group|Meetup collaboration


I’ve noticed several things recently that made me think that
getting some level of collaboration among the various
Rubyist organizations would be a good thing.

There are a number of groups within several hours of each
other in the North East, would they be able to get together
for a regional RubyConf, or just share information about
meetings so that people could drive for a bit to attend
something interesting with another group?

At least three groups are setting up Ruby Hackiing nights
on Tuesdays. Would it be interesting to have all of those
groups working on a single project, communicating via
irc, and sharing a common scm?

If you’ve read this far (and haven’t dismissed me as a
nutjob), I think we ought to do something about this.
I’ve set up a google group:

If you run, or help run, a group, please join up and
let’s talk about making our groups better, combining
our efforts, recommending presenters, etc.