Ruby-breakpoint 0.5.1: Now with less bugs

I’ve finally decided to do a bug fix release for ruby-breakpoint.

In the near future you can expect more news from this project as I’ll be
working on it for this year’s Summer of Code. See the TODO for what is

If there is anything else I can do to make ruby-breakpoint more useful
or easier to use please tell me. Now is the best time to suggest new

= What is ruby-breakpoint?

ruby-breakpoint lets you inspect and modify state at run time. This
allows you to diagnose bugs, patch applications and more all via IRB by
simply doing a method call at the place you want to investigate.

ruby-breakpoint is integrated into the popular RubyOnRails and Nitro web
development frameworks. In the past it has also been a part of the Ruby
dev-utils Project.

ruby-breakpoint is available from
The web site also is a good place for discussing new features, filing
bug reports and so on.

= Where can I get it?

ruby-breakpoint is available via RubyGems. Using it installing is as
easy as typing the following into a shell:

gem install ruby-breakpoint

If you don’t have RubyGems or prefer downloading this via the web that’s
no problem either. All files are also available directly from RubyForge

= What’s new in ruby-breakpoint 0.5.1?

  • Moved functionality of bin/breakpoint_client to
    lib/breakpoint_client.rb and changed it so that it will respect
    previously set Options. (Should make it easier for other libraries to
    integrate ruby-breakpoint with custom options.)
  • Fixed trouble with .irbrc on remote breakpoint server when calling
    DRb.activate_drb (see Peak Obsession)
  • Fixed client.y not working (Need to undef DRbObject#to_yaml)
  • Fixed client << 5 and similar not working
  • Fixed client.require not working with some RubyGems versions
  • WorkSpace#evaluate no longer extends strings and numerics with
    DRbUndumped (Works around “DRb::DRbObject#to_str should return
    style bugs)
  • Documented bug in Binding.of_caller() that causes
    Breakpoint.breakpoint() to have a wrong object context. breakpoint()
    works correctly.