Ruby bindings for Valentina: help wanted


Ruslan Z. is looking for people with experience in doing
connection adapters to help him out in analyzing and implementing
native ruby bindings for the ultra-fast Valentina database and
providing access to Rails.

You can find out more about Valentina at
Brave souls wanting to help out can contact Ruslan at
sunshinepublickhersonua. He’s a great guy btw and
serious about

I have used this database extensively during the time I was
programming in REALbasic, and I can honestly say it burns just about
anything out there when it comes to speed. Don’t let the fact that
it’s not so widely known hold you back. Its object-relational nature
(besides being able to use SQL92) makes it stand out between
everything else I’ve seen and is perfect for Rails integration. For
the record, I have no affiliation with this company whatsoever, I
just like their product a lot :slight_smile:

Some information extracted from the site (you can find all other
information at

The Valentina 2 database kernel is a highly robust, incredibly fast,
object-relational technology underlying Paradigma Software developer
and corporate solutions. But it isn?t enough to say that you are only
limited by your hardware when it comes to efficiently and quickly
managing millions of records.

The Valentina Technology Tour conveys the what and why of how
Valentina 2 excels, from a purely programmatic perspective:

? Powerful new Valentina 2 Abstraction Links
? Incredible Speed Multipliers Over Valentina 1.x (and I myself
worked with version 1 and it was already incredibly fast)
? Flexible Media and Data management
? Control Over All Aspects of your Database
? Improved Integrity and Security
? Deploying with Multi-Platform Solutions

Valentina 2 Abstraction Links leave your notions of foreign keys in
the dust with three different ways to link your data! Valentina
Abstraction Links are usable both through ValentinaSQL or the low
level Valentina API.

Valentina Foreign Keys. Transition easily from the RDBMS world to the
Valentina Database Model with legacy support for Foreign Keys, but
including full referential integrity.

Valentina ObjectPtrs. Ultra-fast links are reborn, transformed and
extended from navigational databases into Valentina ObjectPtrs.
Native Valentina ObjectPtrs are up to four times faster than a
foreign key.

Valentina Binary Links. New Valentina Binary Links lets you link 1:1,
1:M and even M:M without additively increasing numbers of fields in
your original table! Download the Valentina 2 White Paper for more
information about the incredible benefits of Valentina Binary Links!

While Valentina 1.x technology rocked the multi-platform database
market with its ability maximize speed and responsiveness with large
databases, Valentina 2 offers revolutionary speed improvements in
almost every subsystem:

Valentina 2 Cache. Valentina 2 features a new and robust cache system
turns minutes into seconds with advanced addressing algorithms, with
improvements in speed of 100 to 300 times over Valentina 1.x.

New Internal File System. Valentina 2 features a new internal file
system for supporting multi-national requirements, without
sacrificing speed. The new file system incorporates addressing speed
improvements of 100 to 300 times over Valentina 1.x. Store your
logical databases in up to four different logical files, each of
which can contain up to 2 Terabytes of data.

RAM-based Valentina 2. Create new databases or load complete
databases entirely in RAM! You can selectively create temporary
tables for disk-based databases or, create complete databases
entirely in RAM.

Valentina 2 fast technology is in a class unto itself! Learn more
about the underlying technology and core value proposition of
Valentina by the Valentina Technology White Paper.

All Valentina 2 products are SQL '92 compatible. You can query
Valentina 2 products using SQL, or a mix of SQL and native Valentina
2 API calls. No need to learn a proprietary database query language
with Valentina 2!

Thanks for those wanting to help out!

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

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