Ruby Best Practices (O'Reilly) now a Rough Cut

Hi folks,

Since RubyConf is a great time for announcements, I’ve got one I’d
like to share.
I’ve been relatively quiet about this, but I’ve been working on a book
for O’Reily titled “Ruby Best Practices.”

With just under 90 pages of content, we’ve released this as a rough
cut which is now available for purchase:

The purpose of this book is to provide something fun for folks who
have learned the Ruby language but want to write code and ‘think’ like
a Rubyist. To do this, I’m using a lot of examples from real
projects, some of which is my own code, other samples are from more
prominent folks who I’ve become friends with over the years.

The book is being watched over by an excellent group of internal
reviewers that I put together, many of whom are regular contributors
here on RubyTalk. However, the more eyes the better, so please
consider picking up the rough cut if you’d like to help provide

This book will become a community resource under the Creative Commons
NC-SA license 9 months after its print publication, so hopefully it
will become a valuable resource that stays relevant and up to date
over time. But if you’re interested in getting involved right now,
please pick up a copy and start submitting feedback.

Also, if you manage to pick one up and read it while RubyConf is still
going on, you can catch up with me and tell me what you think in
person, which would be great.


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