Ruby as an Entry-level language

I am trying to introduce Ruby as an entry-level language at the
of Pune, India for their MCA (Masters in Computer Applications) and MCM
(Masters in Computer Management) post-graduate degree courses. I need
help in drafting the syllabus and all suggestions are welcome. Are there
other Universities where this has already been done? I hope this is the
right forum to talk about this.

I searched google and I found a link. However, it’s not complete yet.

On Jul 18, 2006, at 11:39 PM, Satish T. wrote:

right forum to talk about this.
There was a discussion on this list no long ago. A search on should turn something up. _why had a really neat
collective projector idea. So maybe he has some more as well.

And finally, if it really is entry-level (for a Masters?) check out
the book “Learn to Program” which is ruby based. There’s also the
“Poignant Guide to Ruby” and “the Ruby Way”. I’m sure that between
the books and the discussion we had here, you’ll have enough to build
a fine course.