Ruby array to list

I dont know if i can do this or is there is any way to implement the
logic or i am just being stupid…

suppose, if i do this

p myarray

it give me

[“test”, “test3”, “test4”, “test5”]

but is there any way to make this output like bellow

test, test3, test4, test5
any help will be really good …

On Wednesday 30 January 2013 robert lengu wrote

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Look at Array#join


Sure, with some simple regexes, try out:

puts myarray.inspect.to_s.sub(/^\[/, "").sub(/\]$/, "").gsub('"', "")

But to be serious, you’re looking for the “join” method, like this:

puts myarray.join(", ")

-Ryan V.

Robert, try

myarray.join(", ")

It will take every item in the array and join it using what you put in
parentheses. It returns a string, so what you’ll really get back is
“test1, test3, test4, test5”

If you look at the Ruby docs for Arrays you’ll find some other useful
methods you can call on them.

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