Ruby application


I’m after some general advice about creating a Ruby application that
will be installed on Unix systems (Red Hat and HPUX, and possibly
Windows later on). I was hoping for a document covering things like:

Dealing with a machine having more than one Ruby installed.

Where to put the application files so that people can get to them

How to get the application to find its library files.

These are things that I already need answers to, and I expect that there
are probably going to be other questions that I don’t know yet. Really
I’m after a best practice guide that points out probable issues before I
stumble over them.

Thank you for any help,


You might want to look at the Rubygems packaging format:


A lot of Ruby applications will come with a setup.rb that will install
the files into somewhere that is recognizable by Ruby’s load path.

More info on setup.rb here: