Ruby and VSCode

Hello - very beginner here. I am trying to get Ruby set up with VS Code. I have all the proper extensions installed but I seem to be unable to actually execute code. According to the YouTube videos I have watched, there is supposed to be a the run triangle button in the area that I have circled in the picture after I install the Ruby extension - that doesn’t appear when I install it. I’ve tried installing and uninstalling, restarting the computer, etc. Just not sure why the run button won’t appear. Does anybody know why this could be? Would really appreciate any help you could provide.

Hi CareLuv!
You need to install Code Runner. The triangle button would appear automatically; then, you can run your code click on it, or with CTRL + ALT + N

Hello! Thank you so much for the reply! I had actually tried that and it didn’t work but I had only installed the extension for VS Code and didn’t have Ruby installed on my computer. Now that I’ve installed Ruby it works find with Code Runner. Thank you again, wouldn’t have given it another try without your suggestion - super excited to have it up and running!

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