Ruby and SVG


Dear ALL,

I’m an absolutely beginner to Ruby.
But, besides the language itself (which seems quite interesting to
me ) it is importnat to find out what support is available for XML
and in particular for SVG. I served a bit around “Ruby SVG” and my
impression is that there is maybe no active development.

I have to create a lot of technical drawings and charts.
Another point is the renderer and may be in addition an interactive

Can anybody feedback some comment on this.

Thanks a lot



2008/11/23 RolfK <Rolf.Kemper@…>:

Take a look at RMagick and RVG.





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Can anybody feedback some comment on this.
You can use rcairo that is the Ruby bindings for cairo to
output SVG.


You can use Ruby/RSVG that is the Ruby bindings for librsvg
to render SVG:

(News in the page is outdated.)

Wikipedia also uses librsvg:




thank you for your suggestion.
Up to today I have created my SVGs out of a data xml by xslt/xpath
2.0. But this was not interactive, as displaying the result took a
If I understand your idea right, I could use Inkscape to create all
the shape objects out of my Ruby program.
Does the binding also handle mouse events (e.g. created by mouseup/
down) on an Inksacpe SVG object ?

Phlip schrieb:


RolfK wrote:

JRuby + Batik!


RolfK wrote:

Can anybody feedback some comment on this.
libxml-ruby is going to handle SVG fine - but low level, without
awareness of
all the nodes’ meanings.

You need to think first of a high-level editor that is already written.
Inkscape, for example, is open-source, and has Ruby bindings. So, IIRC,
Google Sketchup.

Then write unit tests for everything you do. I would use XPath in those
tests to
spot-check the SVG contents…


There’s a new gem called Rasem.
It’s very easy to use and generates SVG directly. It’s still in Alpha
release but it looks promising.