Ruby 2.2.0-rc1 Released


We are pleased to announce the release of Ruby 2.2.0-rc1.

After RC1, all changes will be limited to bug fix only.
The final release of Ruby 2.2.0 is scheduled on December 25, 2014.

Ruby 2.2 includes many new features and improvements for the
diverse and expanding demands for Ruby.

For example, Ruby’s Garbage Collector is now able to collect Symbol
type objects.
This reduces memory usage of Symbols; because GC was previously unable
to collect them before 2.2.
Since Rails 5.0 will require Symbol GC, it will support only Ruby 2.2
or later. (See Rails’ blog

Also, a reduced pause time thanks to the new Incremental Garbage
Collector will be helpful for running Rails applications. Recent
developments mentioned on the Rails’ blog
suggest that Rails 5.0 will take
advantage of Incremental GC as well as Symbol GC.

Another feature related to memory management is an additional option
for to use jemalloc
Feature #9113.
This feature is still experimental and currently disabled by default
until we gather performance data and more use cases. When we are
convinced of the benefits, this feature will be enabled by default.

Experimental support for using vfork(2) with system() and spawn() have
also been added. You can read more detail on tanaka-san’s blog in
This could potentially bring huge speed-up when a large process
executes external commands many times.
However vfork(2) is still not well understood and a potentially
harmful system call. We would like to experiment to find out how much
benefit can be gained by gathering performance data and use cases.

Try and enjoy programming with Ruby 2.2.0-preview2, and report us your

Notable Changes since 2.1

  • Incremental GC (YARV
    Maniacs No.12
  • Symbol GC (presentation
    at RubyKaigi 2014
  • configure --with-jemalloc Feature
  • core libraries:
    • Support Unicode 7.0 #9092
    • New methods:
      • Enumerable#slice_after
        #9071, Enumerable#slice_when
      • Float#next_float, Float#prev_float
      • File.birthtime, File#birthtime
      • String#unicode_normalize
  • bundled libraries:
    • Update Psych 2.0.8
    • Update Rake 10.4.0
    • Update RDoc 4.2.0.alpha (21b241a)
    • Update RubyGems 2.4.5
    • Update test-unit 3.0.8 (removed from repository but bundled
      in tarball)
    • Update minitest 5.4.3 (removed from repository but bundled in
    • Deprecate mathn
  • C API
    • Remove deprecated APIs

See NEWS in ruby repository
for details.

With those changes, 1548 files changed, 123658 insertions(+), 74306
deletions(-) fron v2.1.0!


    • SIZE: 12475612 bytes
    • MD5: 7144732d30dd4547c0a59862b3345d54
    • SHA256:
    • SHA512:
    • SIZE: 15531233 bytes
    • MD5: 51f218fabc3ceb7bf3fe5f4f87ddebd3
    • SHA256:
    • SHA512:
    • SIZE: 9675108 bytes
    • MD5: 3f482b88eda45c1bc6bab1921763ce52
    • SHA256:
    • SHA512:
    • SIZE: 17219660 bytes
    • MD5: 49f5aae44c00f4d57be47576c29a53bd
    • SHA256:
    • SHA512:

Release Comment

See also the release schedule and other information:



Small nitpicking:

Dne 18.12.2014 v 21:27 NARUSE, Yui napsal(a):

  • bundled libraries:
    • Update Rake 10.4.0

Rake is currently at version 10.4.2

  • Update RDoc 4.2.0.alpha (21b241a)

RDoc is not .alpha anymore.



Thank you for pointing, I’ll fix it at the final release!

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