Ruby 2.1 for Windows

When might we see a release of Ruby 2.1 for Windows,
as windows user & developers are still at Ruby 2.0.
There seems like a long delay between Linux & windows releases.

There is a need for Windows developers to stay current
with the latest versions, and verify their product will
function correctly with the new compiler.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

What I know is that there’s a bug in 2.1 for Windows. That’s why Lavena
don’t package Ruby 2.1 for Windows. He say a reasonable thing “It’s
better to still use 2.0 than a new version with bugs.”. The fact is that
is taking too long, that’s true. But if you are hurry you can help,

Hmm… Well I currently have ruby 2.1.2 on windows via the msys2
project, its still a bit buggy but we have few developers, but I feel
that this is as good as is available at the moment.